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HowUnique We Are

Our hands-on approach offers more efficient and cost-effective solutions for creating digital media, print design and branding programs. At HowCreative Design Group (HCDG), our clients work directly with the founders who will partner with you to make sure your vision clearly meets expectations. Our philosophy eliminates unnecessary interaction that can delay production as well as avoid larger overhead which bigger agencies would pass on to you. This allows us to keep on budget, as well as deadline, producing results exactly as you would expect.


Branding & Identity

HCDG identifies what makes your business unique and different, as well as how best to create your new image for both print and digital environment. Brand consistency works in tandem with your identity… beginning with refreshing your logo design and corporate identity, to redesigning your website presence and promotional materials. All of this interacts to communicate your unique brand and voice.

Digital Design & Development

At HCDG, we have an 
“out-of-code” mentality when it comes to design – the back-end development should never drive the front-end aesthetics, but coexist together in unity and harmony. We first set objectives and goals then decide the best way of reaching them, whether it’s a customized WordPress approach or an individually programmed site.

Marketing & Communication

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